Housing Services

Housing with Services / Customized Living

Appropriate housing and housing supports are vital for individuals seeking stability and independence. Housing with Services/Customized Living balances the presence of on-site staff with the freedom of independent living. Consumers reside in a shared, two-bedroom apartment and have access to Home Health Aide staff 24/7. Housing with Services/Customized Living allows individuals to gradually increase their independence and self-reliance to maintain living within the community.

We have experience providing services that support and accommodate the full range of an individual’s vulnerabilities including but not limited to behavior, emotional, medical, and psychiatric. The services that we offer include:

  • Registered Nurse Services
  • Medication Management Services
  • Hands-on assistance with transfers and mobility
  • Assistance with dressing, self-feeding, oral hygiene, hair care, grooming, toileting, and bathing
  • Providing standby assistance within arm’s reach for safety while performing daily activities
  • Providing verbal or visual reminders to take regularly scheduled medication
  • Providing verbal or visual reminders to consumers to perform regularly scheduled treatments and exercises
  • Preparing modified diets ordered by licensed health professionals
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping and other household chores
  • Meal preparation

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Corporate Foster Care / Supported Living Services

Pinnacle Services offers Supported Living Services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. These programs are based in community residential neighborhoods, usually with four individuals of similar needs and interests living together. We support a living environment that promotes as much independence as possible, within a supervised setting. Training is provided in a range of areas, including environmental and behavioral strategies plus daily living activities – social skills, community integration, recreational and leisure activities – and independent living skills – money management, domestic tasks, transportation training, personal hygiene, and problem solving skills among others.

Our Supported Living Services program’s primary purpose is to support consumers as they develop to their fullest potential. Each of our homes is designed to fit the needs of the individual consumer and promote increased independence. We do this by modifying the home environment including adaptive equipment as necessary.

Pinnacle operates Supported Living Services in Chaska, Chisago City, Monticello, New Hope, and St. Louis Park.

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Pinnacle Transitional Services

Pinnacle Services aims to encourage people to achieve their full potential. The Transitional Services Program provides care to persons with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness who are looking to shift between the parents’ home, adult foster care, or customized living to individualized housing options. We teach the necessary skills to be successful in the home and community. The services that we provide include:

  • A 6-24 month temporary training program focusing on individual needs
  • A Part I (skill building focus) and Part II (community living focus)
  • Quarterly team meetings to review success
  • Regular communication among the team to provide ongoing feedback
  • Functional assessments that are completed initially and quarterly to determine an individuals’ success and to evaluate his/her service needs

Part I offers Skill Building (including but not limited to the following areas):

Independent living Skills

• Finances
• Domestic

Social Interactions

• Developing relationships
• Community integration
• Being a “good neighbor”

Health and Wellness

• Diet and exercise
• Hygiene
• Medication and Symptom Awareness

Part II offers Community Living Focus:

Employment Support

• Resume Building
• Computer Skills: Job Searching
• Interview

Community living options

Roommate search

Transportation routes

Financial planning

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