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The services that Pinnacle provides are funded through Home and Community Based waivers.  These include the Developmental Disabilities (DD), Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), Brain Injury (BI), Elderly Waiver (EW), Alternative Care (AC) and Community Alternative Care (CAC) waivers. We serve individuals how access funds through Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS) as well. You can learn more details about each of these funding options by clicking here: HCBS Waivers. Alternatively, an individual may fund their services through private pay, if that option is available. 

Yes!  There are several rent assistance programs available to individuals.  These benefits can help cover the cost or rent and other housing related expense whether living in a Pinnacle Services owned property or not.  The best place to find information about these programs is Housing Benefits 101.  

A case manager helps people coordinate waiver-paid services or health plan services and can also provide individuals with resources that may help support them. A case manager completes an assessment each year to ensure that individuals remain eligible for their selected waiver or program, helps them understand what services may be available to them under each program, makes warranted referrals, and helps persons with a disability set up services necessary to ensure their health and safety in the community. 

Our case managers do not work at the county or health plan but rather work on behalf of the county or health plan to provide all of the same services a county or health plan worker would provide. If you have had a county worker before, our case managers do the same work.

We recommend you call Linkage Line at 1-800-333-2433 or Disability Hub MN at 1-866-333-2466, or visit to find out what assistance is available to you.

Waiver Reimagine is an effort to streamline waiver services. The changes to the waiver programs are being made by the Department of Human Services (DHS) with the intention of making things easier for those trying to get help. Providers, like Pinnacle Services, are required to follow the new guidelines set forth by DHS. You can learn more about Waiver Reimagine by clicking this link.

Yes, sort of. As part of the Waiver Reimagine changes some services were combined and renamed. What was previously called Independent Living Skills service is now call WHAT. You can get the same help from one of our Direct Support Professionals, it is just now called by a different name. To learn more about how services have been streamlined CLICK HERE or to learn more about Independent Living Services Pinnacle offers, CLICK HERE.

Yes! We offer a variety of residential services to those in need of housing and services. Two popular options are Community Residential Services and Integrated Community Support services. Community Residential Services (CRS) are typically provided in single family homes. Pinnacle Services offers this option throughout the Twin Cities area. Integrated Community Support (ICS) services are designed to support those who prefer the independence of apartment style living. Pinnacle Services offers ICS services in Northeast Minneapolis. To learn more or start a referral for residential services CLICK HERE .

Pinnacle Services requires that candidates complete an application and go through a comprehensive screening and interview process. Additionally, our human resources team conducts motor vehicle record and reference checks on candidates, all of which must be favorable. Offers of employment are extended to those whom we believe would best match the needs and philosophy of the organization. Upon hire, all employees must complete and pass a criminal background check and successfully complete initial orientation training.

Please reach out to our Human Resources department if you would like information about our employee selection process, or to join our team of professionals.

We strive to be responsive to the issues and concerns of the people whom we serve as well as to their families, guardians, team members and case managers. Feel free to contact the specific program supervisor first but at any time you can reach out to any of the agency contacts listed on our Contact Us page.

What our employees have to say:

“I love helping a wide range of people find the services and supports they need to best improve their life.”

– Pinnacle Services Case Manager

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