CARF International Visit

A survey team from CARF International visited on November 18-20, 2020

We invited the surveyors to evaluate how well we meet international standards of quality.  The survey tells us what we are doing well and ways we might improve.  As a result of the survey, we continue our accreditation through September 30th, 2023, in the areas of Community Employment Services, Community Housing, Family Services, Services Coordination (Case Management) and Supported Living.

Areas of Strength 

CARF found that Pinnacle Services, Incorporated demonstrated the following strengths: 

  • Pinnacle Services is recognized as a truly service-driven organization led by a mission-driven leader who is a great partner in ensuring that the clients get what they need. Stakeholders describe the organization and the staff as committed to the clients’ long-term success and going above and beyond to help the clients achieve outcomes. 
  • The commitment to the staff members is demonstrated by the systems in place to enhance employment and retention such as a soft benefit package that includes options for bringing one’s children in the building, marketplace buying opportunities, recruitment bonuses, and many optional benefit packages. 
  • The organization’s leadership and founder have created a culture of respect and interactive systems, which is demonstrated by a strong leadership team, open communication, and data systems that are used to track actions and outcomes throughout Pinnacle Services. This emphasis on strategic planning and outcomes-driven services has united the leadership team into a mission-driven unit, and this has trickled down throughout the organization. 
  • One method used to understand what staff members need is the “stay” interview, where human resources staff interviews good staff members to help understand what makes them stay and what will help them stay longer. This also leads to developing staff through identification of interests and ultimately to staff taking steps toward promotions and succession planning. 
  • Pinnacle Services is commended for understanding the cultural impact of the civil unrest in the state and for immediately offering training on issues like micro-aggression and by offering other assistance to staff to ensure that staff is valued and heard. 
  • Pinnacle Services embraced remote working before the pandemic, which allowed it to easily transition into an emergency mode during the pandemic. Throughout the incredibly challenging times, services were provided with a dedication from staff members that demonstrates true commitment to their jobs, the individuals served, and the organization. The direct support professionals and all staff members at Pinnacle Services are the heroes. 
  • Families expressed overall satisfaction with the staff members’ communication. A stakeholder stated that the staff members communicate regularly about the clients’ progress and that the staff members possess great patience and are always open to feedback. 
  • Strategic planning is an ongoing process and incorporates feedback from all levels of the organization. The new planning process on Microsoft Teams® seems to be a comprehensive method to help managers focus on priorities and monitor actions and results in outcomes that are geared toward improvement of services, while being flexible to new challenges that come up. 
  • The funders and other stakeholders were very complimentary of the services offered by Pinnacle Services, stating that they were consistent, responsive, and very willing to come up with solutions when problems/concerns arose. Results from satisfaction surveys confirm these sentiments. 
  • The individuals in employment programs were satisfied with their jobs and appreciated the employment staff that helped them. One individual exclaimed that she loved her job at Pinnacle Services and was never leaving. 
  • The organization benefits from a personally and professionally dedicated cadre of staff members, many of whom have remarkable longevity with the organization. The staff members are well educated; well trained; and familiar with the clients’ needs, preferences, and goals and within an atmosphere of mutual respect and ease that is impressive. 
  • Pinnacle Services employs a full-time nurse who is dedicated to providing exceptional services to the individuals served and meeting their medical needs. The arrangement of the medication administration record database system is exceptional and raises the bar in electronic medical reporting. 
  • Pinnacle Services shows great pride in how its homes are maintained for the clients. The homes blend well into the community, showing integration, and the clients have the choice to decorate their room as they see fit. The clients expressed satisfaction with their living spaces. 
  • The staff members are commended for their commitment to the CARF process and standards. The willingness to engage in dialogue demonstrates the staff members’ overall commitment to ensuring excellence in services to the individuals in the programs and the willingness to learn and grow in providing services that are considered best practice.