Pinnacle gives back to community

Several Pinnacle Services employees assisted the Salvation Army in Northeast Minneapolis on December 20 to organize toys, stock shelves and assist shoppers preparing for the holiday season.

Volunteers included Amanda Halvorson, Desiree Gnerre, Kim Cole, Jamie Plude, Lacey Reierson, Melissa Trebesch, Ashley Stoffer, Kari Griffin, Amber Statz, Jill Cihlar, Debbie Anderson, Mary Johnson, Desire Gnerre, Ebony Gums and Brianna Kruchowski.

On February 18, fourteen staff, consumers and kids created 13 Shoulder Shawls. Staff cut the fringe off blankets and the consumers tied the double knots that created decorative fringe. We then drove to Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis where Abby Messer, director of social services at Benedictine, introduced us to individuals whom she felt were in the most need of a shoulder shawl.

In March, our event was “A Little Skating for the Little Kitchen,” hosted at the Depot Skating Rink in downtown Minneapolis. A monetary donation was given to the Little Kitchen Food Shelf in NE Minneapolis. It was a great way to have some fun and give back to a good cause that is located right in Pinnacle’s neighborhood.

A big Thank you to everyone who participated in these events.