How will state budget cuts affect families dealing with disabilities?

A new national survey shows this sluggish economy is definitely impacting people with disabilities here and across the country.

As reported recently by KARE-11 News, the Arc Legislative Action Center of the United States conducted a survey that found some startling facts. Forty-six percent of parents said they have more caregiving responsibilities than they can handle. One out of five families said one parent has had to quit working to help take care of their disabled child.

“We’re not supporting families like we used to,” said Steve Larson of The Arc of Minnesota. The Arc Minnesota says the change has nothing to do with people’s feelings toward those with disabilities and everything to do with budgets. Federal cuts to Medicaid would make the current problems even worse.

The Arc is calling on people to join their movement to promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities. You can sign up by going to

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