Here’s what our consumers, their families, and stakeholders are saying about us:

I have worked with [this patient] over a year and while he was under your care it was the best he has done. Maybe him moving is a sign he is ready and improving, maybe not. Time will tell. I was more than impressed with his improvements and the way he was treated. He has other barriers to his recovery that will need to be addressed and I am planning on doing that. I appreciate all the effort and communication. [This patient] did very well. If you look at his history, you guys made a major difference in someone’s life. Thank you from me and from him.

  • Michael Francis, Hennepin County Staff Nurse

Maria is the Pinnacle Services Case Manager for [our daughter].  We have been working closely with Maria since early February regarding concerns about [our daughter’s] group home placement, culminating in the decision to pursue another site for her residential services.  From the beginning of that process, Maria has been more helpful that words can express.  Her follow through has been timely and exceptional, and her attention to detail meticulous.  She has provided us, as [our daughter’s] parents and guardians, with necessary information, objectivity, support, and sensitivity to what is by definition a difficult process and experience.  We feel very fortunate that [our daughter] has such an effective advocate.  We want to acknowledge our gratitude for her expertise and professionalism.

  • Jim and Lisa Ashley, Parents

I thought I would let you know how much I appreciated the work and the efforts of Audrey in working not only with [my consumer] but also his family. She is truly and amazing person.  Seriously, Audrey is a gem.  And a very big thank you to all the staff who worked with [my consumer].  Hope to be working with you again soon.

  • Ellen Roan, Chaska County Case Manager

[My brother] called me and was so impressed that [management/nursing] called him and cared enough to hear out his needs.  I thank you.  All the staff I met at Edinbrook Crossing were wonderful – all of them.  I had the feeling they all liked and respected [my brother] and wanted the best for him and were helping him to do so.

  • Karen Offerdahl, Sister and Guardian

I just wanted to pass along some kind words about one of your Case Managers, Rebecca. I’ve only worked with her briefly but I have been impressed by her knowledge and professionalism. She is usually available when I’ve called (very refreshing) and she is responsive with excellent follow-through. Lastly, she is also remarkably flexible and patient. What a gem!

  • Christina Marich, Support Planner; ABCA SP Services LLC

Our daughter has lived in a Pinnacle group home since 2002. It is the people who work there that make it a great place for her to live. They are caring and concerned about meeting our daughter’s needs and we are grateful!

  • Julie and Bruce Swanson, Parents

Pinnacle Services does such a good job taking care of my brother. All the staff are very attentive to his needs and keep him entertained. He really likes his home.

  • Greg Eiden, Brother

Alley, I would like to tell you what a great job you are doing at the house and how impressed we are with all your great ideas and knowing that you REALLY do care about the clients. Thank you so much for being so caring and kind.

  • Lori Wegler, Sister

The gifts that Pinnacle Services has given Jenna are priceless. Pinnacle has been instrumental and compassionate in helping Jenna increase her independence, gain confidence and self esteem by setting her up to succeed. The changes I’ve noticed in Jenna are that she is much happier with her living situation, more independent and outgoing.

  • Deb Gordon, Parent

I am the Medica Care Coordinator for a client whom Julia [Pinnacle Case Manager] manages the CADI waiver. This particular individual is extremely challenging on many levels. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Julia has done in facilitating communication amongst the client’s care team and working so diligently to assist with stabilizing him. Her professionalism, open communication, regular updates, and follow through is so appreciated! It has allowed me the ability to better coordinate his care needs as well. I am grateful for her hard work, extraordinary patience, and thoroughness. I wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation for the work Julia continues to do on behalf of this individual.

  • Stacy Martinez, Care Coordinator Team Lead; Medica State Public Programs

Jeff was talking about his PT exercises and how he gets a special treat. I asked him what that was and he said, “Special Alley and Jeff time”. He was so excited about it! He told me he was going to work as hard as he could every day to work on those PT exercises so he can go [with Alley] see the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. It was really cute. Alley – he really looks up to you. Thank you so so so so much for everything you do for Jeff. He would be lost without you.

  • Amber Angell, Parent

[Laura’s] been such a great influence and leader in our lives. Thank you Laura for all you do. Words can’t describe my appreciation and gratitude.

  • Nessa Higgins, Parent

Pinnacle staff do a wonderful job of helping the [consumers] they work with live their best possible lives. They also do a great job of working through difficult situations with professionalism and compassion.

  • Jody P’Simer, County Case Manager