Employee of the Quarter

20150106_135759Employee of the Quarter is a new program within our employee recognition program at Pinnacle Services. To be nominated, the employee must: be nominated by a supervisor or co-worker for exhibiting all of Pinnacle’s Core Values, be up-to-date with all training and be current with all HR-required documentation, follow company policies and procedures, have a positive attitude, and exhibit team work.

Nominations This Quarter Were:
Dylan Curto, Cathy Hunsaker, Stefany Jones, Eyvette Maggett and Angela Price.

The Winner is:
Dylan Curto, Program Counselor at Hillcrest!

Dylan was nominated by Brittany Baker, Laura Boss and Emily Reynolds.

Absolute honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of business
Dylan is a dedicated, straightforward employee. When asked to complete tasks that help support the program, he is quick to respond and complete the task. He takes on added responsibility with ease and a positive attitude. Dylan’s go to line is, “Yeah, I can do that”, which is refreshing to hear.

Dylan has a challenging job at times; however, he has unbreakable commitment to complete his job to the best of his abilities. When Dylan says he is going to do something, he will make sure it is completed. He is also committed to do the “right” thing before the “easiest” thing.

Encourage people to achieve their full potential

Dylan positively encourages consumers and staff to achieve their full potential each shift. Dylan works well with the ladies at Hillcrest, through the fun times and more challenging times. Dylan encourages the ladies on each shift he works to work on their goals and to take the steps to achieve them in a way that is not demanding or controlling.

Dylan also works well with his co-workers. He is extremely flexible with his schedule and this helps out his co-workers and the program as a whole. Dylan does a great job splitting job tasks with his co-workers, and goes above and beyond each shift. He has helped out with several management tasks, supporting the program during a time when there is not a manager in place. He makes sure bills are paid, medications are filled/ordered, MARs are updated, cleaning lists printed, consumers have items that they need, and the day-to-day is communicated to others.

Work with passion, commitment, and enthusiasm

Dylan has worked with a consumer who is now on a Positive Support Transition Plan. This was a big change for Hillcrest and for the staff working with her. Dylan put a lot of time and effort to find out what works and what doesn’t work and he has trained others on his techniques. Dylan has Pinnacle’s best interest in mind. He is professional when speaking to consumers, co-workers, superiors and guardians. He represents the agency well.

Create fun and happiness in people’s lives

Dylan strives to get to know the consumers he works with. Knowing about the consumers helps him make each shift go smoothly and makes the consumers, along with his co-workers, happy and have fun.

Celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of people

Dylan has a great relationship with the consumers he works with and his teammates. He is able to work well with the consumers at Hillcrest due to his consistency and calm demeanor. He is able to work well with his co-workers because he is friendly, fair and approachable. Dylan communicates often and well with others. Others have the highest level of trust for Dylan. Time and time again he follows through with his word.

Be tenacious and innovative agents of change

Dylan is patient, loyal, committed, compassionate, consistent, thorough, and calm. Dylan has brought all of these attributes to the Hillcrest team, creating a friendly and enjoyable culture.

Pursue growth and learning

Dylan challenges himself to get to know the consumers that he works with and strives to provide quality services for them. He continues to be willing to try something new or different and is able to “rally” his co-workers to do the same.